V-League is struggling because of Covid-19: Where does Mr. Park hope?

08 Mar 2022 | 10:46 | Football

Coach Park Hang Seo faces many challenges when the V-League is struggling because of Covid-19, but the captain of the Vietnam team also has hope from the current situation.

V-League is struggling because of Covid-19

Before V-League 2022 kicks off, even though we know there will be challenges when the Covid-19 epidemic is still complicated, the organizers, teams and fans still hope that everything will be okay so that the tournament can reach its destination successfully. highest work possible.

Despite such anticipation, all did not think that V-League 2022 would be so difficult because of the epidemic, when after 3 rounds it still could not be organized in the most complete way.

V-League is struggling because of Covid-19: Where does Mr. Park hope to go - Football

The matches in the V-League have not been as smooth or as exciting as expected because of the epidemic… 

Many Covid-19 positive cases in a series of teams from the V-League to the First Division were forced to postpone, not only that, the matches that can be held have not brought the highest quality when playing in the context of a lack of quality. serious army.

Particularly, up to now, although the remaining teams have played at least 1-2 matches, Hanoi FC alone is still “immovable” because there are too many infections and not enough people, so all 3 turns The last match had to play the role of a spectator.

With the developments as seen, the road to the finish line of the V-League 2022 is quite thorny, instead of as smooth as waiting from fans, experts or tournament organizers because of the epidemic as seen.

Where does Coach Park Hang Seo hope?

The fact that the V-League cannot take place in a smooth way is enough to make Coach Park Hang Seo worried, because everyone understands that the two highest football tournaments in Vietnam are the places to help the Korean captain choose troops to serve the goals for the team. year 2022.

To be more specific, with the slow start of the V-League and many teams not being able to find their peak performance because of the epidemic, the captain of the Vietnamese team, U23 Vietnam, is not easily prepared for the World Cup qualifiers. 2022 or the upcoming 31st SEA Games.

V-League is struggling because of Covid-19: Where does Mr. Park hope to go - Football

… but Coach Park Hang Seo more or less has hope when the teams have used a lot of young players in the last few rounds. 

Matches in the V-League, First Division can be postponed because of the epidemic, but not with Coach Park Hang Seo. So at this time it seems that the Korean captain is forced to be optimistic as well as hold on to hope for the very influence of… Covid-19 but not otherwise.

The hope of the captain of the Vietnamese team, U23 Vietnam, lies in the fact that when the teams do not have enough players to play, they are forced to give their faith in new, young factors… as you can see. Therefore, Coach Park Hang Seo suddenly hoped to “be more aggressive” in his calculations about personnel for the home team.

This is not a ridiculous optimism, because if the teams do not lose people because of Covid-19, it will be difficult for young players to have the opportunity to play and enjoy the V-League atmosphere, except for a few cases that really appear. sharp.

Looking at the last 3 matches, a lot of players under 20 or under the age of attending the SEA Games, or the long-term reserve… in the V-League were on the list of players, and played relatively well. It’s okay to be given the chance to play.

Coach Park Hang Seo once wished that young players would be given the opportunity to play in the V-League, it has now more or less become a reality, so even though the highest tournament in Vietnam is still struggling due to the epidemic, the strategy Korean families also have such hopes.


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