Tuchel: ‘I never did that with Chelsea’

13 Mar 2022 | 12:56 | Football

 Coach Thomas Tuchel spoke out about his status and working method at Chelsea in the past time.

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Recently, the UK Government has issued sanctions targeting Chelsea and the Russian billionaire. Accordingly, the Blues must suspend the sale of the club, not allowed to buy and sell players. In addition, business activities such as selling jerseys and selling tickets to each match (except fans who have bought season tickets) have also been suspended. And in particular, the London team is also not allowed to extend the contract with the stars in the squad.

With the current difficult financial situation, it will be difficult for Chelsea to strengthen with rookies in the coming transfer periods, especially when they are still in the period of being banned from buying and selling players and can only use use available resources. 

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Tuchel said that he himself does not care about being granted the money to buy the players he needs.  

However, coach Thomas Tuchel did not seem to mind this when he had statements quoted by The Mirror as saying: ” I have never had any contract that says I can spend money. to buy the players I need  I have never done that with Chelsea

I believe that I myself need to find a way to integrate into the club. I believe in my ability to make an impact on the team and I am delighted that I can be a part of the club, both at Cobham and at Chelsea .” 


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