The reporter revealed the plot twist that made Chelsea break the deal

30 Jan 2022 | 13:48 | Football

 The reason The Blues faced the prospect of losing a star came from the mid-season turning point.

Andreas Christensen’s current contract with Chelsea will expire when the 2021/22 campaign ends and the Blues are facing the risk of losing the Danish midfielder. The Stamford Bridge team has been negotiating an extension with Christensen for a long time, but has yet to sign a new contract.

Reporting via Podcast London is Blue, source Matt Law explained why the negotiation process between the two sides was stalled. Law mentioned why the 25-year-old star changed his agent mid-season.

Matt Law explained how Andreas Christensen’s new agents have caused contract conversations with Chelsea to stall - Bóng Đá

 Christensen was originally close to an agreement with Chelsea, but change happened.

The Chelsea Chronicle quoted Law as saying: “I was told that when the change of agent happened, the new agents basically said to Chelsea: ‘Now we’re going to start over because we’re the agents. new and all previous negotiations were between the club and Christensen’s former agent.’ Chelsea were like: ‘No, that’s not how we see the situation. We will continue to negotiate from the moment we think an agreement has been reached.’

The new reps don’t want to do that. They want to bring the negotiation process back to the beginning , which means they want to just negotiate from the beginning rather than negotiate further based on what Chelsea think has been agreed. Unfortunately that means there’s been absolutely no progress in the negotiation process.”


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