The honeymoon is over, coach Rangnick is making MU play worse?

04 Jan 2022 | 14:02 | Football

“It couldn’t be worse” is how former player Jamie Redknapp describes the performance of Manchester United club (M.U) by coach Ralf Rangnick in the 0-1 defeat to Wolverhampton last night.

Coach Ralf Rangnick’s unbeaten streak at Manchester United club (M.U) stopped at 5, when the “Red Devils” were defeated by Wolverhampton at home in the match in the 21st round of the English Premier League.

More worrying than the outcome of losing is how to lose. Coach Rangnick’s team let the opponent finish 19 times to the goal, of which 9 shots were made after only the first 30 minutes of the game. Wolverhampton is not a strong team in attack when it has only scored 13 goals in the first 18 games of the season, but is still capable of creating an overwhelming game.

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“M.U played worse than the defeat to Watford (1-4). At least in that game, we saw MU deploying the ball upwards and attacking with lines,” former Tottenham player Jamie Redknapp commented on Sky Sports.

The honeymoon is over, coach Rangnick is making MU play worse?

Ronaldo muted before Wolverhampton

Last night on 3.1, MU continued to play with a 4-2-2-2 formation with midfielders Nemanja Matic – Scott McTominay guarding the midfield, Jadon Sancho – Mason Greenwood playing on the sidelines, supporting a pair of qualified strikers. average age of approximately 70 are Cristiano Ronaldo and Edinson Cavani.

With 4 players attacking horizontally, coach Rangnick did not hide his intention to press high, win the ball in the opponent’s feet so that 4 strikers could coordinate to score. However, with the duo Ruben Neves and Joao Moutinho in the midfield, Wolverhampton easily broke through MU’s pressing defense.

Bruno Fernandes – the savior estranged from coach Rangnick at Manchester United
Both smashed and released smoothly, forming triangles that coordinated well with the full-backs and strikers to bring the ball smoothly despite MU’s pressure with 5, 6 players. The consequence of the uncontrollable pressing game is that when MU’s attack line is crossed, the defense is immediately “full”.

Wolverhampton stopped coach Ralf Rangnick's honeymoon at MU

Wolverhampton stopped coach Ralf Rangnick’s honeymoon at MU

Moutinho’s only goal was scored by a dangerous long shot, but the most blameworthy error belonged to the two “Red Devils” defensive midfielders. Matic and McTominay were in the wrong position, allowing Moutinho to comfortably catch the ball, gain momentum and shoot into a difficult corner.

The MU midfield duo is not only guilty in defense, but also lost in attack. Coach Rangnick let the number 1 passer Bruno Fernandes sit on the bench and gave McTominay the responsibility of keeping the rhythm.

The German strategist’s choice to use people caused MU to completely break the midfield. McTominay and Matic didn’t have a pass through the line to take advantage of Ronaldo’s and Cavani’s running ability, but could only split the line for Greenwood and Sancho to handle themselves.

Bruno Fernandes has completely disappeared since Ralf Rangnick arrived

Bruno Fernandes has completely disappeared since Ralf Rangnick arrived

MU’s play has not been improved much compared to the time of coach Ole Solskjaer, especially in attack.

If the former “Red Devils” still have a sharp attack when Bruno is placed in the center and strikers like Ronaldo, Marcus Rashford, Greenwood have the opportunity to finish, then Coach Rangnick’s MU has not yet formed an attacking array. clearly.

Coach Rangnick M.U’s “honeymoon” actually includes victory over inferior opponents like Burnley, Norwich City or Crystal Palace. Meeting strong pressing teams like Newcastle United or organizing a uniform squad like Wolverhampton, MU was immediately confused and disoriented.

How much time will coach Ralf Rangnick need to revive MU?

How much time will coach Ralf Rangnick need to revive MU?

Of course, it is not possible to require M.U to be successful immediately. Coach Rangnick is a strategist of long-term strategies.

Pressing or counter-pressing, the pillars of Rangnick’s tactical foundation, also need time for players to absorb and follow. Trusting Rangnick, it means that MU must be patient with the changes that may only come after 1 or 2 years.

However, the former Redknapp player assessed: “M.U must have an idea for each stage, at least in terms of gameplay. It took Liverpool 30 years to find coach Jurgen Klopp, and United need to find their own Klopp too.

However, MU is not RB Leipzig, Schalke 04 or Lokomotiv Moscow. A giant sports brand that has been “sleeping” in glory for the past 8 years, certainly does not want to wait too long, even Ralf Rangnick.


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