The expert just named one player to help Arsenal sublimate

10 Mar 2022 | 09:49 | Football

 Martin Odegaard is the nucleus in the Gunners’ midfield to help them continuously score goals in recent times.

Arteta praises Odegaard

Arsenal did not play creatively in the early part of the season, which is why the club failed to score in the first 3 games. However, Martin Odegaard seems to have changed Arsenal’s fortunes. 
Pep Guardiola explains why Arsenal's 'invisible' man is too good for statistical judgment - Bóng Đá

 Odegaard is increasingly important to Arsenal.

Bailey Keogh and Josh Williams discussed the importance of Odegaard on The Arsenal Way’s Analysis Arsenal.

Josh used Pep Guardiola to make it clear why Odegaard is important to the team even though he doesn’t have the best scoring record.

Josh said: “I wrote a piece recently about a quote that Guardiola made, which was the stats and how some players are clouded under the stats, which I think Odegaard is among the numbers. there,” Josh said.

“I don’t think he’ll be one of them to score 10 goals and 10 assists a season but I think he will always be the type of player that makes a positive contribution.”

Josh goes on to explain why Odegaard doesn’t need to go all out to score, as he has the ability to influence the game without relying on stats.

“He has really good close control, a nice first touch and he can keep the ball in tight spaces,” added Josh.

“He can sustain attacks and seems like an honest player who is willing to learn. He’s very young, so I only see an upward line for Odegaard.”


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