The case of Ronaldo accused of rape appears a new element

06 Feb 2022 | 04:16 | Football

The Portuguese superstar is still not completely free of the allegations of rape that occurred in 2009.

According to the Daily Mail, Cristiano Ronaldo has been trying to prevent the police from releasing files related to the alleged sexual assault that  happened in 2009. A court will hear it next week.

Specifically, the Portuguese superstar was accused of raping American female Kathryn Mayorga. The incident happened in a hotel in 2009. The incident took place just a few weeks before Ronaldo signed for Real Madrid.

The Mirror reported that Ronaldo tried to block the New York Times from accessing the case files being kept by the Las Vegas Police Department.

Cristiano Ronaldo tried to prevent the publication of police files relating to a sexual assault case against him - Bóng Đá

Ronaldo is accused of raping Mayorga.

The incident was first brought to light by German newspaper Der Spiegel in 2018. The source was provided by the Football Leaks website. Ronaldo’s legal team believes that the Football Leaks website has illegally collected information.

Meanwhile, Mayorga ‘s attorney argued that the New York Times had the right to publish 400 pages of case documents. According to The Mirror, judge Jennifer A Dorsey will hear lawyers for both sides argue in court on Tuesday.

Two newspapers The Mirror and Der Spiegel reported that Ronaldo paid Mayorga £ 375 thousand to settle the incident that happened 12 years ago. In 2018, Mayorga suddenly overturned the case and demanded compensation of up to 56 million pounds.


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