Roman Abramovich borrows money from the super-rich to pay employees’ salaries

09 Apr 2022 | 11:18 | Football

 Despite being one of the richest people in Russia with billions of dollars in the bank, the Chelsea boss is struggling with small problems.

Chelsea’s beautiful goals

With assets frozen by both the UK and the EU, Abramovich is being cut off from the bulk of his £6.4 billion fortune (which was £11.1 billion before the start of the war). According to the Daily Mail, things got so bad that he had to ask friends to borrow money.

Abramovich is said to have approached a host of wealthy friends in America, from Hollywood producer Brett Ratner to members of the infamous Rothschild clan, to borrow $1 million so he could pay his employees, costs about $750,000 weekly. But the tycoon denied these reports.
Roman Abramovich's £430m superyacht targeted by activists before fleeing to safety - Bóng Đá

 The owner of Chelsea owns many yachts and planes and needs a strong staff.

The default amount of money that Abramovich has to spend is so large because he owns many super yachts and private planes, requires a lot of high-level personnel, along with a large accounting team. A yacht captain’s salary alone can cost £220,000 a year, then there’s the team of officers, engineers, deck staff, room attendants and chefs. For example, the Eclipse with the helipad system, has a crew of no less than 70 people. His villas also needed housekeepers, cleaners and gardeners.

In his property portfolio, Roman Abramovich has about 70 houses, including many large villas; 5 super yachts; 5 private jets. They all need a lot of staff to operate. In addition, Abramovich is said to be always accompanied by a team of up to 10 bodyguards, including former special forces officers, who can charge up to £450 a day.

Meanwhile, the story of changing owners at Chelsea is still unresolved. But Roman Abramovich will soon have to say goodbye to the team he has invested heavily in for nearly 20 years.
Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich spotted for the first time since UK sanction in Israeli airport - Bóng Đá

 Russian billionaire is taking care of many things at the same time.

Abramovich is by no means the only financier to be pinched. His old friend, the manager of Russia’s largest private bank, Petr Aven, who made £4.5 billion from oil investments, never learned to drive and is now forced to reflect on life. No private driver. Aven lamented last month: ” Will I be allowed to hire a cleaner or a driver? I don’t drive a car… maybe my daughter will. We don’t understand how to survive. “

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