Redknapp only names MU players who are difficult to play well with Rangnick’s scheme

06 Jan 2022 | 08:01 | Football

Former player Jamie Redknapp thinks Manchester United winger Jadon Sancho will continue to find it difficult under Ralf Rangnick.
Rangnick is trying to get United players to adapt to a 4-2-2-2 formation. They suffered their first defeat at the hands of the German coach earlier in the week when Wolves arrived at Old Trafford and beat them 1-0.

Redknapp thinks Sancho has the highest risk of failing in the new squad: “The way Rangnick sets up his team, they’ll never keep the ball. It’s impossible. They don’t have the players to do it. that.”

Sancho has yet to prove himself at MU

“You can’t ask Sancho and Greenwood to play the way Rangnick did at RB Leipzig… Greenwood and Sancho aren’t comfortable at the moment. It seems like Sancho can’t sprint at the moment.”

“One thing I worry about him is that he doesn’t look like he can get past anyone. It doesn’t seem like he has that pace. United wingers, if you want to play in that position. In that position, you have to be able to run with the ball. That’s a big problem with the current system.”

Next week Man United will play in the third round of the FA Cup against rivals Aston Villa, this will be a rare tournament where they have a chance to win the title this season.


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