Ray Parlor was right, Arsenal faced the perfect decision in the transfer market

25 Feb 2022 | 15:23 | Football

The Emirates Stadium team will certainly have a lot of work to do in the upcoming summer transfer window.

Arteta praises Lacazette 

“There were times when, when Aubameyang was captain, Lacazette was on the bench. But now he’s a key player up front. He really took the opportunity and said, ‘I will lead by example.'”, former player Ray Parlor told talkSPORT. 

“Let’s hope Arsenal can strike an agreement with Lacazette, as I would love to see him stay at the club for another year. It won’t be a huge signing like Aubameyang or Ozil. Arsenal still need it. buy more strikers, but he is always available in the dressing room, and it seems the young players are learning from him.”
Arsenal's expected lineup - Football

 Lacazette is making an impression. 

“You have to have the right balance, young talent and experienced people. I think Lacazette has been excellent since he was given the captain’s armband. I know he’s a top professional player, but his contract expires in the summer.”


True to Ray Parlor’s words, Lacazette has been really impressive since taking the captain’s armband. It should be known that, in the last 3 appearances, the French striker has directly contributed to 3 Arsenal goals – extremely important goals when they were all 3 victories with minimal difference for the Gunners. .

At Lacazette, Arsenal have a player full of experience and have proven themselves capable of taking on the role of captain. Looking at the Gunners currently, they are clearly one of the youngest teams in the Premier League, and the presence of a player like Lacazette in the dressing room will really help Arsenal’s series of young stars.

 Arsenal still need Lacazette. 

Above all, if parting with Lacazette, it is highly likely that Arsenal will have to recruit two strikers next summer, with Eddie Nketiah also leaving and Folarin Balogun still too immature. Of course, recruiting a quality central striker is not an easy task, but Arteta also knows this difficulty when the Emirates team has gone through a “empty” transfer window in the winter. 

In general, although it is difficult to contribute more than 20 goals / season, Lacazette is still too valuable for Arsenal today. It can be said that, as Parlor said, keeping Lacazette and acquiring another top-class striker will be the perfect decision for the Gunners in the summer transfer window. 


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