Rangnick: ‘Manchester United players lost their temper and made many mistakes’

12 Feb 2022 | 16:28 | Football

 Coach Ralf Rangnick has reason to express his disappointment after Manchester United’s draw against Southampton.

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There is no excuse for Man Utd’s performance. They soon opened the scoring by Jadon Sancho. However, the deviant defense once again cost the Red Devils dearly. In the end, Man Utd only got a draw at Old Trafford.

This 1 point makes Man Utd face many disadvantages in the battle to win tickets to the Champions League. Coach Ralf Rangnick clearly has a reason to be unhappy with what Man Utd players show.

Rangnick on Manchester United’s draw with Southampton: ‘We lacked composure’ - Bóng Đá

 Man Utd is disappointing.

Speaking after the match, the German coach said: “Unfortunately, like in recent matches, we had a very good first half. We did everything that we planned to do with the match. counter-attacks and runs, that’s how we create and prepare for a great goal.

But we suddenly faltered, and in the second half we lost a bit of form. We had a hard time when they switched the playstyle. We had enough chances in the last 20 minutes to score again but in the end we didn’t get the result we wanted.

On the one hand, we have to respect that Southampton played well, they are not easy to confront. But we lost our cool and made the wrong decisions , sometimes under pressure, sometimes not. We need to play better.”


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