MU chooses Thomas Tuchel: The ideal solution for the Red Devils

18 Mar 2022 | 10:53 | Football

MU put Thomas Tuchel on the list of candidates for the coach seat and this is considered the ideal solution for the Red Devils.

MU’s new plan

The loss to Atletico in the second leg of the 1/8 Champions League round has exposed many of MU’s problems, and the future plan is also very disturbed.

There will be a powerful revolution at Old Trafford this summer. MU is not afraid to say goodbye to the millionaire stars in the current squad.

MU chooses Thomas Tuchel: The ideal solution for the Red Devils - Football

MU chose Thomas Tuchel for the technical chair. 

Of course, the heart of the revolution lies in the coach’s chair. Five empty-handed seasons with 3 different military leaders forced MU to choose new more reasonable personnel.

Until a few weeks ago, Mauricio Pochettino was the favorite name at Old Trafford.

PSG’s defeat to Real Madrid in the Champions League made MU have a different view of the Argentine military leader.

In the new plan, CEO Richard Arnold turns his attention to Thomas Tuchel, who has just helped Chelsea into the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

The difficulties that Chelsea are going through, when the British government freezes the assets of billionaire Roman Abramovich, is an opportunity for MU to get a nod from Tuchel.

The German military leader announced he would continue to lead Chelsea until the end of the season amid the events that the club experienced. However, he has not made any confirmation about the next season.

In the event that Chelsea has a new owner and is financially stable, the possibility of Tuchel leaving Stamford Bridge is not low. He needed a stable environment to build his football philosophy.

Ideal solution for MU

Since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson, MU has gone through years of turmoil and repeatedly made mistakes with the selection of coaches.

The question is: is Thomas Tuchel suitable in the context that MU has too many problems from the top?

At least Tuchel is a more ideal solution than Pochettino or anyone else, in case MU accepts the dam over and over and does not require immediate success.

MU chooses Thomas Tuchel: The ideal solution for the Red Devils - Football

The combination of Tuchel and Rangnick opens a promising future for MU. 

After the end of the 2021-22 season, Ralf Rangnick will return to the position that made him famous: a sports manager, building long-term strategy and prioritizing the development of young players.

And who is Rangnick? A reference teacher of Tuchel and many other young coaches of German football.

As a football consultant, but with the same actual title as sporting director, Rangnick decides on transfers and other professional matters.

That foundation will certainly be developed by Tuchel into a powerful team, competing for big titles.

Tuchel is at the peak of his coaching career and understands modern football, not just English football. Therefore, working with Rangnick will be an advantage.

To build a sustainable team with a long-term future, Thomas Tuchel is truly the right man for the Manchester Reds.


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