‘Like Man United, so many different types of players are coming to Barca’

02 Feb 2022 | 13:12 | Football

 Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand has wished Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang good luck on his move from Arsenal to Barcelona.

Arsenal terminated Aubameyang’s contract on Monday night after they were unable to find a buyer and he left as a free agent. Ferdinand said on his YouTube channel: “I didn’t mean to disrespect the players who would go there but things are very different now.”

“Like Man United, so many different types of players are going there. Barcelona are in the process of rebuilding.”


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 Ferdinand believes that both MU and Barcelona are unable to buy only good players.

“I think Xavi is looking at Aubameyang as an experienced player and can fit the style he wants the team to play. Xavi has a lot of young players there when he’s building the squad and he is. need experience. And maybe someone like Aubameyang could be an asset to them.”

“So I wish him luck, because I think for both sides, Aubameyang needs to go. For his sake, it’s also for Arsenal’s sake.”

Up to now, the Camp Nou team has not officially announced the contract with Aubameyang due to some procedural problems. But he has already started training with them and could be on the field as soon as this weekend.


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