“If I were Lukaku, I’d go crazy”

22 Feb 2022 | 05:55 | Football

The Belgian striker is receiving a lot of criticism from Chelsea fans for his poor performance.

Thomas Tuchel on Harry Kane vs Romelu Lukaku

Last summer, the Blues spent £ 98 million to bring Romelu Lukaku back to the Premier League. However, up to this point, the former Inter Milan star has not met expectations. In the recent victory against Crystal Palace, the Belgian striker only had 7 touches of the ball.

Former player Alan Shearer defended: “Chelsea spent £97 million on Lukaku and did not take advantage of his strengths. Lukaku needs the ball to make a breakthrough, but his teammates cannot guarantee to provide the ball for him.” Legendary Gary Lineker also has a similar view.
Rio Ferdinand says Romelu Lukaku should be ‘going nuts’ at Chelsea teammates - Bóng Đá

 Lukaku is having a hard time.

Recently, Rio Ferdinand said: “I agree with Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer, if anyone sees their comments. If I were Lukaku, I’d go crazy.

I mean give me that ball, go out and cross it for me, play from behind when you get the chance, play to my strengths.

I don’t think Thomas Tuchel knows what his best squad is at the moment. Tuchel wants a player worth £100m, understandably, in Lukaku and he’s having a bit of a rundown on the number of goals.

Chelsea must find a way to play to his strengths. Lukaku’s strengths, what are they? He’s a fox in the box. You cross the ball, he can finish. Lukaku likes to play from behind to get through things, to level, the way he passes.”


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