Arsenal responds to Spotify about negotiating to rename Emirates stadium

18 Feb 2022 | 04:30 | Football

 Recently, Spotify successfully persuaded Barca to sell the stadium name in return for a sponsorship of £ 236 million.

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According to a source from Metro, before negotiating with Barcelona about the right to rename the stadium, Spotify co-founder Daniel Ek once went to Arsenal to discuss the same issue, even discussing buying the club. .

With huge funding, the company wanted to convince the London representative to change the name of the Emirates holy place, but this proposal was quickly rejected by the Gunners owner.
Arsenal rejected Spotify’s stadium naming rights proposal as Barcelona seal mega-money deal - Bóng Đá

  Stan Kroenke turned down an offer from Spotify.

Failing to convince Arsenal, Spotify has just switched to Barca and everything has gone smoothly. 

The Guardian reports that Spotify has reached a deal worth £ 236 million with Barcelona. They will sponsor jerseys and stadium naming rights for three seasons starting this summer. In return, Barca’s stadium will change its name to Spotify Camp Nou.

The decision from the Blaugrana leadership did not receive approval from the majority of fans. However, in the context that they are falling into a serious financial crisis and need funding to serve the rebuilding plan, it is clear that “shaking hands” with Spotify is a reasonable solution.

Many sources believe that Barca is aiming to own talented striker Erling Haaland in the summer transfer window this year. Based on Spotify’s sponsorship, they can compete fairly with other big teams like Man Utd or Chelsea.


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