Analysis of Luka Modric’s world-class assist against PSG

11 Mar 2022 | 10:37 | Football

 The Croatian midfielder had a super performance, in Real Madrid’s comeback victory over PSG.

Luka Modric gave a shirt to a young fan

Welcoming PSG when they lost 0-1 in the first leg, Los Blancos were also splashed with cold water in the 39th minute, when Kylian Mbappe opened the second leg at the Bernabeu. When the majority thought about the prospect of the White Vulture having to say goodbye to the Champions League on the 1/8 round, a surprise happened.

Real did not play too well, until the 61st minute, a mistake from Gianluigi Donnarumma created the turning point of the match. Karim Benzema made no mistake to shorten the gap to 1-2 (total score after two matches). The away goals rule has been abolished, hope overflows, making the home team’s morale boosted.
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 Luka Modric had a class performance against PSG.

In the 76th minute, it was Benzema with a classy finish, equalizing the score 2-2 after two matches for Los Blancos. However, this ball first belonged to Luka Modric. It was the Croatian player who won the ball in the home half, launched the attack and then directly assisted Benzema to score.

Starting from Neymar’s ball situation, Modric observed that Lionel Messi was waiting, so the 36-year-old star caught Neymar’s pass for M30. After winning the ball, Modric broke through from the home field, attracting the attention of a series of visitors, before launching a slot into the immense space in front of him, allowing Vinicius Jr to make a breakthrough. forte speed.
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 Modric caught Neymar’s pass to Messi.

Although Vinicius hesitated, creating conditions for the PSG players to retreat to the defensive organization, but when the Brazilian striker returned the ball to Modric right in front of the penalty area, the Croatia international provided an assist at the level. extremely high level, turning the opponent’s defense into a “puppet”, for Benzema to once again defeat Donnarumma.
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 Modric, after cutting the ball, broke through, before launching a favorable pass for Vinicius Jr to speed up.

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Modric then resolved the hesitation of the junior, with a classy assist for Benzema.

After that, Benzema easily completed a hat-trick after Marquinhos’ mistake, helping Real to come back with a dramatic comeback. However, Modric deserves credit for his superb performance. The owner of the 2018 Golden Ball completely eclipsed Messi – the owner of 7 Golden Balls on the opposing side.


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