4 potential candidates sit in the hot seat of Ralf Rangnick

03 Mar 2022 | 13:45 | Football

 At this point, BLD Man Utd has begun to consider bringing in people to replace coach Ralf Rangnick. Here are 4 potential candidates who can sit in the hot seat at Old Trafford.

Pochettino talks about rumors with Man Utd

1. Mauricio Pochettino

PSG captain Mauricio Pochettino has been contacted by Man Utd for a long time. Experience with English football while leading Southampton and Tottenham is a plus point for Pochettino. 
4 potential candidates sit in the hot seat of Ralf Rangick - Football

 Will Pochettino continue to stick with PSG?

However, in a recent revelation by L’Equipe, sporting director Leonardo confirmed that they had held an emergency meeting with Pochettino to “clear his mind” before the clash in the Champions League. . Leonardo also believes that PSG has no intention of bringing in Zinedine Zidane to replace Pochettino.

2. Erik ten Hag

Success at Ajax over the years has made Ten Hag one of the most sought-after coaches in Europe. Entering his fourth year at Ajax, the 52-year-old has won two Eredivisie titles and two Dutch championship cups.

Ten Hag was said to be a strong candidate for the job of Spurs head coach last summer, but reports have suggested that a language barrier has hindered negotiations.

Recently, Sportsmail revealed that Ten Hag had signed up for an English course with the hope of becoming fluent in them in the near future. BLD Ajax has also considered a replacement for this man.

3. Louis Henry
4 potential candidates sit in the hot seat of Ralf Rangick - Football

 Enrique is a potential candidate to sit in the hot seat at Man Utd.

Sporting director John Murtough confirmed that it takes a trophy-laden record to take on the role of head coach at the Red Devils and few can compete with Luis Enrique at the moment.

The 51-year-old led Barcelona to a historic treble in 2015. This was also the year that he was voted FIFA Coach of the Year.

The main hurdle United need to overcome is the fact that Enrique has no intention of leaving his post as Spain manager until their World Cup campaign ends later this year.

However, he may be worth the wait, with reports claiming that Cristiano Ronaldo has chosen the man as his preferred candidate.

4. Carlo Ancelotti

Although not currently a ‘top candidate’, The Times reports that Man Utd could switch to Ancelotti, if they fail to attract any top managers to Old Trafford.

ESPN claims that Sir Alex personally introduced Ancelotti to new CEO Richard Arnold, when he was asked about Ralf Rangnick’s successor. Ancelotti’s reputation is undisputed after he has played through most of the big teams in Europe. But the charm of Ancelotti is not equal to the above candidates. 


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